Saturday, June 4, 2016

Victoria Barracks

Sketching at the Victoria Barracks Brisbane (Australia)
Army Museum South Queensland (formerly known as the Victoria Barracks Museum) is a Heritage-listed site containing many reminders of early life in the Colony of Queensland and the early days of the Commonwealth. The buildings date from 1864, for the British Imperial Garrison to specifications from the War office in London, although the majority were built just before or just after Federation. The Barracks is still in use today as a Tri-Service institution
 All are Sketched in my Mont Marte A5 Sketchbook Pen and ink - watercolours
This building was the stables.  A false floor has been put in over the cobblestones and the building is now a function hall.

Once the Stables, now a Function Hall

Was once the Ammunition Magazine

Officers Mess in the front, Accommodation quarters at the back

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