Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mowbray Park Brisbane Australia...

What an awesome morning, with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers. It was a gorgeous day, overcast and moody. Perfect drawing weather..
Mowbray park is an historical park in East Brisbane, named after the Reverend Thomas Mowbray, who arrived in 1847. He was one of the earliest settlers and  became known as the father of Presbyterianism. In 1851, he opened Brisbane's first Presbyterian Church in Grey Street, South Brisbane.

 First sketch of the day was done in my Mont Marte A5 sketchbook with my lamy pen (medium nib)  and my Hero fountain pen (fude nib)

My second sketch, I had started the sky on it earlier, but because of the closeness of the day, it took ages to dry.  After we all had had our morning tea and show and tell, my friend Margot and I went back down to the park to finish our work.  It was so peaceful, and the sky was forever changing.  I loved it.

 Looking at Brisbane CBD from Mowbray Park
11" x 15" Arches cp:- pen-ink-watercolour

This last photo is looking toward the mouth of the river.  What awesome views the houses around here have, and what an awesome place to build for the early settlers.
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