Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Paddington with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers

The title "Paddington" was given to this area after the London suburb of the same name.  Paddington was originally referred to as being "Back of the Jail". The main jail was located on Petrie Terrace from 1860 – 1883 Brisbane Petrie Terrace Gaol accommodated  96 prisoners in 2 cell blocks.
The Police Barracks  was from 1883 – 1885 Petrie Terrace Police Depot, where  police training, operations, stabling of horses,  and also a motor vehicle depot.

In the 1860s there was a rumour that gold had been discovered in the Paddington area. Two shafts were sunk, one in the Paddington Cemetery, but no gold was found.

 My first sketch was of the Caxton Street Hall - Built in 1883 by the Loyal United Brothers Lodge. It has served as an Oddfellows Friendly Society Lodge (1884-1916), a clothing factory (1909-38) and a Labor Party Hall (1928-99).

Second sketch was of this fun building on the corner of Caxton Street and Weetman Street.
Both sketches were don on Arches 140lb cp 11"x15" with Pen and ink, and watercolour.

That is my easel set up you see :)

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