Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toronto Islands - Toronto - Canada

I went to Toronto Islands with my friends.  I found this amazing 200 year old lighthouse to sketch..  Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.

This is the oldest landmark in Toronto. From its site on Gibraltar Point, it has watched most of Toronto's history unfold; its light beam has, for more than 150 years, been a welcome guide for the mariner into the Harbour of Toronto.

The mystery of Gibraltar Point Lighthouse
Like most other historical buildings, the lighthouse has had its days of tragedy giving rise to tales of the macabre. Such a day was January 2nd, 1815. On this day, the lighthouse keeper, Radan Muller, died in circumstances which have left forever two unanswered questions: How did he die? and by whose hands?

Monday, July 25, 2011

York Soaring Gliding Club - Wellington County - Ontario Canada

I spent the day at the gliding club with my friends.  I managed to sketch a little, and I also went for an amazing flight with the man who brought Freedom Wings into Canada. Charles Peterson.  What an amazing man, he is a qualified gliding instructor many items over, an aerobatic instructor, a qualified sailor, and lord knows what else.  I spent the most delightful hour with him up in the clouds.  He even did "wing overs" for me.  What a hoot.  If I ever get to go flying with him again, I am going to tell him he need not worry about doing mild acrobatics, I am all in!!!!!

York Soaring Gliding Club

ASK21 Glider 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

GILLIES LAKE. Northern Ontario - CANADA

Is a 20-hectare lake in the heart of the City of Timmins. It is a five minute walk from my friends house, so we can go for a walk at will.  I have been around twice now, the first time with my camera, this time with my sketch book.
 Gillies Lake Promenade was developed by the Conservation Authority as part of its lake rejuvenation project in 1986.  Since that time, the 2.5 km trail has become the focus for the entire community trail netwrk with direct linkages to the Scout Rock, Golden Springs, and Lion's Walk Trails. Future plans call for connections through the downtown to the Waterfront Trail.

I am going to check out Scout Rock next time...
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