Friday, February 5, 2016

The Brisbane Urban Sketchers hit South Bank!

Damp day but that didn't stop us.  It was deliciously cool, a welcome change after the last weeks heatwave.  We headed to South bank.  Kurt and I found a great spot for our first sketch at Aquataine's bar, not far from the Maritime Museum  They didn't open until 11.00am but they let us sit at the tables and sketch. 
I sketched No 1 Williams Street - "The Tower of Power" Second sketch of the day was after coffee, and three of us went back to the promenade to do another sketch.  I chose to sketch the treasury Hotel this time.

 No 1 Williams Street (The Tower of Power)
Bockingford 140lb cp 11" x 15"
Treasury Hotel
Arches p 140lb cp
11" x 15"
It was a super day.  There was nine of us sketching, and we always have fun, and great art conversations.. Brisbane Urban Sketchers

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