Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Newstead House

Sketching Tuesday, with the Brisbane USkers..

Newstead House is Brisbanes oldest surviving residence.  It sports huge grounds, which are now called Newstead Park.  It was designed  by Harry Moore, the early 20th century parks superintendent responsible for much of Brisbane’s distinctive style of vegetation, who lived in Newstead House during his tenure. Sketching there today was a treat.

I chose a lovely quite spot, looking at a magnificent Teak Crown Ash tree.  In front of the tree is an old piscatorium.  As far as I know it is still operational, but the caretakers have turned the water off to stop people using it.  There used to be information about the structure, but I couldn't find it today.

There are some amazing trees in the park, one, is a rare specimen of a crepe myrtle which was planted at the time the house was built. There is a beautiful 200 year old Cunningham Fig, in the circular driveway.  It is a "Talking Tree"  Voice activated with historical facts.  In the 1920s the Brisbane City Council constructed an electrical substation for its tramway system in the grounds of the House. Since the closure of the tram system in 1969 the substation was purchased by the Newstead House Board of Trustees and has been used as a Resource Centre and offices for management staff.  You can just see the corner of the substation on the right in my drawing.

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