Monday, February 1, 2016

Sketching at the Qld State library 02/02/16

We are having a heatwave.  37 deg Celsius today and the humidity over 50%  Where do we sketch?  Qld State Library in their "Red Box"
The library opens at 10.00am and we, the Brisbane USkers start at 9.00am so we chose to sketch in the Study Room beside the main library for the first hour, then head on up to the Red Box on level 2.  The red Box extends over the Brisbane river.  It is glassed on three sides and is an amazing place to quietly sit and sketch.

Sitting in the airconditioned study room 
Paper Bockingford I think 11"x15" Charcoal and watercolour 

                                                  Sitting in the RED BOX on Level 2
Paper Daler Rowney 11.7" x 8.3" Pen Artline 0.4 watersoluble Water brush to blend the ink.


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