Monday, May 7, 2018

Sketching on a wintery day in the city

We had arranged to meet at Customs House, but the weather did not lend to sketching in the open, so we went on up to 480 Queen Street to Hobbs Park. This park was named after a Dr Hobbs who lived across the road, or in the day of his era up the hill, and he gave his house to the first Governor of Brisbane for 6 months whilst the Government House was being built at Gardens Point.
This park is up two escalators, three quarters of the way up a high-rise building.  I was planning to sit in the open, but the light showers were coming too quick, so i sat under cover (see photo below) and sketched the Customs house Dome.  It fascinates me. 
Customs House was designed by Charles H McLay and built from 1886 to 1889 - It was originally used for the collection of customs duty and was opened in 1889, when Queensland was a British colony, replacing the original Customs House located at Petrie Bight.

Handmade sketchbook 8" x 7.5" lamy pen and watercolour..
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