Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New and Newer..

Autumn/Fall is really here.  Quite cool for this sun-lover.  I left in anticipation of a lovely sunny day in a light three quarter sleeved shirt, to met by very fresh winds in the city.  What to do?  Hole up in a cafe of course.  We sat in Merlo cafe.  They have big glassed windows, perfect for sketching.. 
I chose to sketch the corner of Adelaide and George street.  The green building is one of four Brisbane City Library Buildings.  The other three are orange, yellow and blue. The building behind the tree is still under construction.
I went to great lengths to draw that honeycombed structure, and I really liked what I had done, then for some reason, shrug, I covered it up with foliage..  George Street is a very busy one way street, and there is a quick turnover at the traffic lights.  Challenge to draw the sidewalk. :-)

Still using my handmade sketchbook.  I really love the Saunders Waterford paper, so must order more before I finish this book.

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