Friday, July 28, 2017

Brisbane City Sketchers at Newstead Park

What a wonderful morning with friends sketching the Historic Newstead House.
Brisbane's oldest surviving residence, Newstead House, is based in Newstead. It was built by Patrick Leslie who had settled on the Darling Downs in 1840, and bought the land at Newstead (35 acres) in 1846 for 51 pounds. He named the original cottage 'Newstead' after Newstead Abbey in England. The house has evolved from the original cottage into the grand residence we are now familiar with.

The Leslie family only lived in the house for a year before it was sold to Captain John Wickham, the first police magistrate and government resident for the Moreton Bay District. He was also Patrick Leslie's brother-in-law. Wickham was the commander of the Beagle upon which Charles Darwin also sailed.

In 1939, the Queensland Government enacted the Newstead House Trust, which was the first legislation in Queensland to preserve an historic structure.
 A4 Holcroft Sketchbook Mechanical pencil - Unipin pen and watercolour.

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