Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Brisbane City Sketchers at Mowbray Park

Mowbray Park and East Brisbane War Memorial are a heritage-listed park.  The park was named after Rev. Thomas Mowbray, who bought the land in 1851 (Mowbray was instrumental in bringing the Presbyterian Church to Brisbane)
He built his family home, "Riversdale", on this site. Thomas Mowbray died in 1867, but the family retained the property until its sale to the South Brisbane City Council in 1904

The following is what was written when considering the property for a public park; "Mowbray's property is in every way suitable for a public Park or garden having suitable soil, and undulating land reaching to the water's edge, and in addition it will also provide the necessary accommodation for bowling greens, Tennis Courts, and Croquet lawns. The property has a North Easterly aspect, and has an extended view of two reaches of the river, is above flood level, and is situated on the East Brisbane Tramway route. There is no public park or reserve in this locality, and no other piece of land in the neighbourhood so suitable for this purpose."

Mowbray Park is understood to have been the site of a "tent city" for homeless families in the early 1930s, during the Great Depression.

A4 Holcroft 225gsm sketchbook with Lamy Pen and watercolour

Looking towards the mouth of the river.  Our river is tidal right up into the CBD.  Fresh water comes from  Mount Stanley, where the river originates, and the river  is south east Queensland's longest river  flowing 344km through Brisbane city and out into Moreton Bay.

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