Monday, April 10, 2017

Polo Club with the Brisbane City Sketchers

This beautiful building was built in 1888 it is the oldest Polo Club in Australia.  The building was built initially in 1864, extended in the late 1870s, but substantially rebuilt in 1889 for the Australian United Steam Navigation Company. It served for almost a century as a shipping office.  In 1988 major external and internal alternations were carried out in converting the building into premises for a club.   In 1914, MacDonald Hamilton & Co became agents for AUSN and instigated internal renovations (c. 1915-20), including silky oak panelling on the first floor. They were also responsible for the change of the name to Naldham House which was the firm's telex address, derived from a subset of their name MacDonald Hamilton.  The building is on the Heritage Register.

A4 Holcroft Sketchbook and mechanical pencils.

If you want to join the Brisbane City Sketchers on a sketchout look for us on Facebook, or message me and I will put you on our email list.  Cheers.
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