Monday, February 6, 2017

Orleigh Park

The area of Orleigh Park was originally known as Coombes Swamp.  It later became known as Hills End.  As the names suggest it is a very wet area, and subject to disastrous flooding. Three major floods were in  1893 - 1974 and 2011.  In 1893 it peaked 3 times, in one month. (February, our wet season) This area was a very prestigious housing area, and in the 1893 floods all but one of the impressive houses were swept away.

In 1914 the park was built.  It is believed the name comes from the name of the house belonging to a John Williams that was swept away.  Orr/O" - descendant of; Lee living nearby.
The large Moreton bay and Weeping  fig trees were planted by the council and residents around 1918.

I had a lovely morning with the Brisbane City Sketchers making this sketch.  I also tried out something new, I discovered from a couple of other urban sketchers.  Read below..

Art Spectrum watercolour pad 150x400mm ink and bamboo dip pen.

See my ink pot!  Yes is is a specimen pot. chuckle..  I put gauze in it, and then I added black noodlers ink to dampen the gauze.  What a great idea.  A dip pen pot that is spill proof!!

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