Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sketching from the Cliff cafe with the Brisbane USkers

What a super day it was.. Winter and 22 deg Celsius.  It was glorious at the Cliffs cafe.  There is a new manager there, and he came up to me and asked about our group.  He gave us all a free coffee :-) wow eh, there were 10 of us..  He wants to encourage us to come sketch more often.
A little history of the kangaroo Point Cliffs.
The Kangaroo Point Cliffs were created by convicts mining the volcanic rock or ignimbrite or welded tuff which form the cliffs. Records indicate that it was Captain Patrick Logan who first opened a quarry to supply stone to his building works as early as 1826. Those structures still standing today include the The Old Windmill and the Commissariat Store.. 

My first warmup sketch, is of the Brisbane City Boat harbour.  This is a short term mooring, only 3 months and they have to move on.  It is cheap though, I think it is still only $50.00 per week.

I was attracted to this corner, and the winter trees.  We mostly have evergreen trees here, so it was a delight to see this one..

The "Tower of Power" is almost finished now.  It looks very much like a giant tube of lipstick. ;-D

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