Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Brisbane Arcade is Brisbanes oldest shopping mall.  It was built in 1923 for Dr James Mayne, and his sister Mary Emelia Mayne. It was designed by Richard Gailey, Junior (the son of architect Richard Gailey)  
Brother and sister,  siblings and parents lived in a Butcher Shop built by Patrick Mayne. It was built on blood money that Patrick admitted to on his death bed. The Mayne siblings had the butcher shop and home pulled down, and built this amazing arcade.  All the proceeds from this arcade go to medicine.
A fascinating book to read, is the Mayne Inheritance..

 Sketched in my Holcroft A4 225gsm sketchbook.  Hero fountain pen with fude nib and watercolours

Room of Roses Tearooms.

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