Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Saint Johns Cathedral with the Brisbane USkers

We had a good group today, sketching at the historical St Johns and right next to it St martins House.

St Martin's Hospital was erected as a war memorial to commemorate those who had served in the First World War.  The hospital was named after St. Martin of Tours as the 11th of November (Remembrance Day) is his feast day. On 28 November 1922 the hospital was officially opened and dedicated by the then Governor-General of Australia, Lord Forster. 
 For a period of fifty years until its closure in 1971, the Sisters with a staff of devoted nurses operated an efficient hospital in this building serving the Queensland community, true to its purpose of a living war memorial.
"Take heed lest ye forget"
Plaque :
St. Martin`s Hospital
Chruch Of England War Memorial
In perpetual remembrance of the sorrows and sufferings of the Great War and lest the spirit of sacrifice then kindled should perish from among us.
This hospital with those who serve here, is set for a living witness and appeal.
These words were inscribed on a silky oak plaque in the Entrance Hall of St Martin`s Hospital

St Johns Cathedral, or part thereof.

Saint Johns Cathedral has taken over 100 years to build, and it is still ongoing. The foundation stone of St John's Cathedral was laid in 1901.  From 1910 until the mid 1960s, the building remained much as it was opened.  The building is in Early English Gothic style, with many characteristics of French Gothic, built largely in local stone: external coursed rubble of porphyry, and internal freestone dressings of brown Helidon sandstone.  The second phase of the building, comprising an extension of a further four bays to the nave, was commenced in 1965 and consecrated in 1968 by Archbishop Philip Strong. Again, a temporary west wall was constructed.   The final phase of construction commenced in 1989, comprising the completion of the nave, construction of the south-west porch and west front, addition of the north and south towers, completion of the central tower, and the addition of the three spires. The completed building was consecrated by Archbishop Phillip Aspinall in October 2009 or so they thought, but...........

These are  6 of the 29 life sized statues to be positioned on the front of the Cathedral.

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