Saturday, May 21, 2016

Brisbane Urban Sketchers go to Ipswich

What  a super day it was today.  Three of us went to the Ipswich Medieval Market and Fantasy Faire to sketch.  This event is held yearly, but I have never been to this one before.  I don't remember going to the Ipswich CBD before either.  I is only a 40 minute drive from Brisbane, and is full of gorgeous historical buildings.

First sketch of the day was a dashing cavelier 

 Next was Edmond a Coin Minter.

Third was Jabadaw, playing a Hurdy Gurdy and a recorder.  

Followed by Rebecca playing Greensleeves on the harp

Bonnie was separating Drysdale sheep fleece

Lastly Gypsy Love and her Gypsy van

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