Monday, February 21, 2011

Moreton Bay - Wynnum Manly - Brisbane Australia. Location Sketch

We had a major thunder and lightning storm late this afternoon. I shot down to Breakwater Park on the Wynnum Manly Waterfront, and found a picnic shelter to set up my plein air kit. I sketched the storm over Moreton Bay.

Where I was standing was just behind the mouth of Wynnum Creek, and I was watching the water pouring into the bay. The clouds were amazing, the lightening exciting. The thunder made me jump a couple of times.

Moreton Bay is 25 km from Brisbane CBD. It is a paradise for water sports. At 125 km in total it is home to approximately 360 islands. The Bay was formed 6000 years ago, as the water rose and flooded the flood-plains of the Brisbane river.    The aboriginal name is Quandamooka. Captian James Cook named it Moreton Bay when he traveled past on the 15th May 1770. The bay is seperated from the Pacific Ocean by 3 sand Islands.

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