Sunday, February 20, 2011

Balmoral Cemetery, Morningside, Qld Australia - Location Sketch

This is a sketch I did today for the Urban Sketchers Weekly Challenge.

Balmoral was part of the area Aborigines called “Tugulawa” which means “heart”. This was probably a reference to the heart-shaped piece of land that constitutes Bulimba and Balmoral. The cemetery was opened in 1874. The first burial took place in 1874. Sadly, it was that of George Wilson Pointon, a 6 year old boy who had drowned in Norman Creek on 26 June 1874.
The Brisbane City Council has records of approximately 15,277 interments but it is likely there are more since it is not known how many of the very early graves are occupied. The Brisbane City Council holds some original burial registers dating from 1888 to 1949. Hemmant Cemetery office holds the original portion books dating from 1875. FOBC Inc maintains a full list of monumental inscriptions. The cemetery closed in the early 1960’s but burials still take place for those who own family plots. Vandalism, and lack of care has made this cemetery a lonely desolate unkempt place and it is a real shame. A huge part of Brisbane's history lies here.
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