Thursday, April 19, 2018

South Brisbane Meanders

My friend and fellow Brisbane City Sketcher Barb and I had a wonderful morning.  We wandered all around the Fish Lane Precinct, taking photos and checking out future sketching opportunities..  
I settled for two sketches in the early afternoon, drawn in my Handmade by me sketchbook, Saunders Waterford hp paper.  I used my Lamy pen EF nib, and watercolour..

FISH LANE  was named after Mr george Fish, who operated a Steam laundry in the lane.  The lane was originally a track used by parishioners to get the St Thomas Church.  There were three St Thomas Churches in the immediate area, 2 being demolished, and the third now houses an Accountants offices.

I was standing on the busway, just outside the Queensland Museum looking down.  Lots of angles.

Sadly I do not know the name of the artist who built the Giant Cicada. A lot of our citys public art has no names on it.  I think that is a terrible shame.
The Giant Cicada is positioned between the two bus lanes..

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