Sunday, November 19, 2017

Brisbane City Sketchers in Manly

Sketching with the Brisbane City Sketchers on Manly Parade in Brisbane.  Manly is a very old settlement , once the playground of the very wealthy.

European settlement of the Manly area first took place around 1860. In 1882 land was sold by auction for the Manly Beach Estate, apparently named after Manly, New South Wales beach in Sydney. By the early 1900s the area had become a popular seaside location. Very large holiday homes were built, and people flocked for healthy holidays by the sea.

Today is is still an expensive place to live, but not as popular anymore.  When cars arrived on the scene, all the holiday makes fled to the northside of Brisbane to Sandgate.

Celtic Corner is an Irish eating house.  Gorgeous old building with no history, apparently.

Both sketches done in my A4 Holcroft sketchbook - Lamy pen - Watercolour

This is my friend John 

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