Saturday, November 5, 2016

City Botanic Gardens with the Brisbane USkers.

The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens are the first Botanic gardens built in the city.  Part of the riverside site where the gardens are located was originally a botanic reserve. It was established in 1828 to provide food for the early penal colony. The City Botanic Gardens officially opened in 1855. That year, the botanic gardens' curator Walter Hill was appointed as the first superintendent.
The gardens have had a few changes, there was once a Zoo and a bear pit located within them, and three tortoise. Tom Dick and Harry.  Harry, a giant Galapagos Land Tortoise. was later discovered to be Harriet  was hatched about 1830.  She and her two brothers were brought to Brisbane from London where Charles Darwin had taken them, by Lieutenant John C Wickham, who was then in the navy. After Wickham retired from the navy he lived for some time at Newstead House and when he returned to England he donated the tortoise' to the City Botanic gardens. Harriet the oldest of the three, lived to approximately 175 years of age.

For this sketch I used De Atramentis Inks and watercolour in the shadow on the ground.

I drew this in my A4 sketchbook with a 2B mechanical pencil.

 The white building is Old Mineral House. 1870s–1890s 
It was built by Smellie and Co a 1860's foundry next door as a warehouse.
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