Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kangaroo Point Cliffs with the Brisbane USkers.

It was a beautiful day today, up on the cliffs.  Quite hot for Autumn though, still wearing very light summer clothes.
I had a super vantage point for my "Tower of Power sketch today.  I could see the Wheel of Brisbane, Stefans Sky needle, Parliament House, and in the background Mount Coot-tha and the icon television towers.  I think I'll turn this sketch into a painting.

This sketch, I drew looking through the fence to St Marys Anglican Church.  It is a beautiful old church and was  built in 1873 by Alfred Grant to a design by diocesan architect Richard G Suter. It replaced a timber structure built in 1849 on land closer to the river.
Can you spot all the landmarks I mentioned up there?
I was sitting in the Cliff Park, being eaten by ants, but was too excited to get this sketch done to move.

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