Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sketching in Spring Hill and Edwards Street Brisbane

It was a gorgeous day for the Brisbane Urban Sketchers to be out sketching.  We met at King Edward Park, and sketched around the area.  I opted to walk a little up the road to Wickham Terrace to sketch the "Green House"  designed by Claude Chambers and was built from timber and brick around 1907 for Dr TH Morgan

Firstly the ink drawing for day 13 of inktober

Watercolour added.

After we had our coffee, my friend Sue and I headed to the other end of the city looking for another subject.  We walked the length of Edward street.  There are a lot of gorgeous historical building in Edward street.  She chose the Naval Offices, I chose Old Mineral House.  I just loved the creamy building and the purple jacaranda.  This building is on the corner of Edward and Alice Street.

It was a very good day!

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