Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mt Nemo conservation area, Halton; Ontario CANADA

Today, I had the pleasure of hiking up to Brock Harris Lookout.  I continued on through the North Loop,  missed a turn, and ended up hiking up on the Bruce Trail.  I made my way back, following the sounds of the traffic, and came out a 20 minute walk from the Park entrance, in an elderly mans back yard. I asked him which way was out, and he said down the drive to the Guelph Line.  Good adventure..

Mt Nemo conservation area has one of the best cliff ecosystems on Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment. Rich green ferns blanket limestone boulders scattered among old growth forests that are alive with jewel like birds. Crevice caves and ancient cedars, a thousand years old, can be seen all along the meandering cliff edge trail. An interpretive lookout with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside lets visitors know why this natural environment park is worth protecting.

While I was sitting here sketching, and listening to the sounds of the forest, a turkey vulture landed on the rock I was sketching.  He sat there for a good 2 minutes watching me.  I was leaning down to pick up my camera, slowly, when his mate came along, fluttered her wings and they both flew away.

What a wonderful day I had..!
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